A dancing Eiffel tower with engine tool, with or without engine render

By default, we see here the Eiffel Tower dancing and walking awkwardly. New motion have been added to it thanks to the engine tool. Let’s see these engines behind the scene!

The creation tool engine can be figured out as a virtual mechanical device, which brings out oscillating motion to the system through its junction with a given massPoint .

In this illustration, we can imagine the eiffel tower attached by a rod to the wheels of an imaginary railroad train. It is most impressive without any engine render.

toggle the gravity force (off by default) to drop the structure to the ground
play and pause the animation loop (on by default)
reset or reload the complete graphic

The engine tool

The engine tool adds a constant back and forth kinetic motion to a given massPoint. It has its energy of its own and is moved by some new code, separate from the existing system’s animation loop.

The engine encapsulate a base position, a speed, range and moving angle and can simulate any kind of mechanical device (rotating, linearly oscillating, etc...).